QYQ Intergalactic   Welcome to QYQ Intergalactic
under construction   You're at the new Earthly home of QYQ Intergalactic! We will soon be bringing you many useful and desirable products. This new opportunity is very exciting for us, and we hope it will be exciting for you too!

We're just getting started here at QYQ Intergalactic, Earth, but look for these and other exciting releases soon:
  • MyBalun® - The best selling choke balun in the Andromeda galaxy

  • H-Pole One 6 Meter Antenna - Compact and easy to feed
  • Portable Plasma Phase Analyzer - Pocket sized and accurate

  • The Black Widow II - A high performance compact array for UHF

  • BOOM-Shine! - Makes your antenna look cleaner than it really is

  • Next realm Information Tech - Super High Intensity Trivial Heaping Endpoint Algorithm Derivative

Notice: QYQ Intergalactic, SHITHEAD™, and MyBalun® are ficticious entities. They are not real and hold no trademarks whatsoever.